In November 2015 OSF joined the Coalition for support of the simplified tax system. Coalition aimed to impose a moratorium on amendments to the simplified tax system for a period of 3 years. Due to successful national advocacy campaign coalition members managed to retain most simplified tax system elements despite the government's intention to destroy it within the initiated tax reform. Given the imperfect and corrupt overall taxation system, the simplified tax system scheme serves as an opportunity for socially active citizens to create and maintain jobs for themselves and their employees, work legally, pay taxes, spend less time on reporting and reduce the social burden on the budget.


On December 28 in Kyiv Open Society Foundation presented the interim results of the local budgets’ monitoring held in 17 cities of Ukraine based on 1st Ukrainian transparency, participation and integrity index (TPI Index).


At the discussion hosted by the Information Agency ‘RIA Novyny’ OSF Director Ivan Sikora and the experts from the Urban Institute (Oleksandr Sergienko), Public Auditing NGO (Maksym Holdarb) and Public Safety Foundation (Yuri Havrylchenko) shared their estimates on the draft Kyiv budget. Earlier, despite the OSF Open Address to the mayor Klitschko, Kyiv city authorities have abstained from organizing an expert discussion on the draft Kyiv city budget for 2016.


A group of independent urban development experts addressed the OSF regarding the violations in Public Building Norms (PBN). OSF included their expertese in the assessment and comments to the "Planning and Development" draft of public building norms. We also prepared and distributed the appropriate statement. The joint address is focused on three groups of corruption risks in the Draft PBN, related with the gaps of legal regulation, the broad discretionary powers and the conflict of interest. In experts’ opinion, these can lead to the large-scale corruption practices worth hundreds of millions of dollars.


The responsible local policy begins with compliance with procedures. Kyiv budget policy should be considered an indicator for Mayor Klitschko’s readiness for clear and unambiguous compliance with the requirements of the budget legislation and legislation on access to public information. Adopting the budget "just-in-time" and absence of the draft budget on the KCSA web-page (as of December 2) once again recalled the same old problems in the budget process.


On November 19 during the session during Civil Society Development Forum dedicated to advocacy success stories, OSF Director Ivan Sikora presented the case titled “Metropolitan government shady deals. Mechanisms for community to defend own rights. An example of Mykilska Slobidka in Kyiv".


Lesya Shevchenko and Denis Chernikov will present the preliminary results of comparative research of government coordination of EU support in Ukraine, Gerogia and Moldova.


On November 19, 14:30, during the session dedicated to advocacy success stories, OSF Director Ivan Sikora will present the case titled “Metropolitan government shady deals.


On September 26th ‘Anti-corruption initiative of Kyiv’, ‘No bribery!’ movement and the Open Society Foundation organized a conference titled "Kyiv Anti-Corruption Network ".


On September 25 the head of city council budget committee Andriy Strannikov, OSF Director Ivan Sikora and experts of ‘Reanimation package for reforms – Kyiv’ took part in expert discussion "Visions of the Kyiv budget for 2016".


22 вересня члени конкурсної комісії відібрали претендентів, яких допущено до другого туру для проходження співбесіди.


On September 14th at the discussion hosted by the Parliamentary Committee for European Integration MPs and experts analyzed systemic legislative risks for the implementation of the Association Agreement. The round table participants emphasized the importance of the initiative 2046 on expertise of the entire body of draft laws introduced to Parliament in terms of compliance with EU law and EU integration-related obligations of Ukraine.


The Open Society Foundation published our August report detailing the work of OSF Team


Parliamentary expert group expert commented on draft law 1844 submitted to Parliament, which offered the mechanism for harmonization of Ukrainian law with EU legislation on GMOs.


OSF President Lesya Shevchenko became a member of the civil society section of Selection Committee of NACP.


The draft of the 2025 General Plan for Kyiv is unacceptable and must be rejected as being contrary to the interests of the community. Representatives of civil society and several former leaders of the capital city spoke during a press briefing in the Ukrainian crisis media center.


Open Society Foundation initiated the Open address on the Draft 2025 General Plan for Kyiv.


Despite increasing transparency and publicity, Kyiv city authorities continuously simulate the reforms implementation. KCSA departments run corruption schemes related to land management, urban planning and municipal property. Open Society Foundation presented the research on the implementation of the Mayor Klitschko’s program. None of the Mayor Klitschko’s five priorities were implemented in full after his first year in the office.


On July 20th, in Kyiv Open Society Foundation together with the well-known experts, lawyers and members of the Kyiv city council will organize the training on how to stop land fraud in Kyiv and at other cities of Ukraine.


On July 9, 2015 from 3 to 5 p.m. ‘Ukrinform’ news agency (Bohdan Khmelnytsky street 8/16, conference hall) will host the round-table discussion titled "Kyiv mayor’s program adopted a year ago: assessing progress in implementing reforms".


From May 21 to 24 more than 30 civil society activists and journalists from 15 cities of Ukraine will take part in training and the meeting of mini-grants winners. Grants were provided by the Odesa organization of CVU within the "Civil Society and Media for Transparent Local Budgets" project, implemented jointly with OSF and supported by the European Commission and the Finnish Embassy in Ukraine.


Kyiv Anti-Corruption Program is being reviewed by the working group led by Mayor Klytschko. On April 29, 2015, while discussing the project, OSF and RPR recommendations titled "Typical objectives and measures to develop municipal target program for preventing and combting corruption in Kyiv for 2015-2017" were taken as a basis.


The new government anti-corruption program is expected to be an important tool to measure Ukraine’s progress in the fight against corruption. OSF, the independent think tank, has repeatedly provided suggestions to the draft program, yet these were largely ignored.


Following the request of the Kyiv city council member, OSF provided expert support to improve the efficiency of municipal programs and helped to "open" the capital city budget.


Most participants of the training "Public anti-corruption expertise for effective local government," considered the skills obtained a powerful "weapon" in solving problems related to corruption risks and practices at the local level.


Best anti-corruption tools for local activists and experts, members of local councils and journalists of South Ukraine (Mykolaiv and oblast, Kherson and Odessa) will be presented by the Director of the Open Society Foundation and expert in sphere of anti-corruption and budget policy Ivan Sikora during 2-days (April 17-18) training in Mykolaiv.


In April 2015 we reached an agreement on strategic partnership and cooperation with Odesa organization of the Committee of Voters of Ukraine on the project supported by the European Commission and the Finnish Embassy in Ukraine.


Open Society Foundation supports the local Kyiv initiative of people, which protested against an illegal building of Soniachna Riviera Residential Complex at Mykilska Slobidka. In Open Letter to the MPs and Kyiv authority, initiated by OSF and supported by “Reanimation Package of Reforms” group for Kyiv, the list of law violations and corruption risks were underlined. More here:


The availability of government support for enterprises and organizations for people with disabilities is questionable. The experts discussed the reform of state support during the meeting of the Public Council at the Fund of Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities. The Head of the Fund and the managers of public organizations and enterprises for people with disabilities participated in the meeting. The Open Society Foundation research was presented by Ivan Sikora and Sergiy Pancyr.


On March 9 - 19 Ivan Sikora, OSF Director and the expert in budget and anti-corruption policy will meet the initiative groups in six oblast centers in Eastern and Southern Ukraine (Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa). He will discuss specific steps to maximize the opportunities to influence the local politics, provided by decentralization reform.


Experts of the Open Society Foundation and the Reanimation Package of Reforms Kyiv had developed a proposals and amendments to the Procedures of organization public hearings in Kyiv city level. Experts of the Open Society Foundation more than 5 years worked in sphere of analyses and advocacy changes into budget and anti-corruption policy in Kyiv city level.


The budget for the capital city cannot be supported without clear calculation of the taxation base and prevention of the known corruption risks


The Open Society Foundation will join the Ukrainian leading experts, governmental agencies, civil society organizations and business sector to form an effective plan for reducing corruption in Ukraine. OSF will participate in the national expert discussion on Ukraine's readiness for real anti-corruption reforms, which will be held on January 31, 2015 with the support of the European Union.


Kyiv city authorities are not ready todismantle the corrupt practices in land relations, urban planning and operation of utility services providers. Instead, the ordinary residents of Kyiv and the national government are foreseen as main budget income sources. This strategy appears to be a substitute of Klitschko’s promised ‘devastating attack on corruption’.


New governmental program will leads to disappointment due the lack of measurable indicators of reforms’ results. On December 19th the results of the analysis of political parties’promises, the coalition agreement and the government programwere presented at a press conference in the "Interfax-Ukraine".


Public anti-corruption initiative to combat billions-worth fraud in land, property and budget spheres. The press conference dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day and the presentation of the public anti-corruption initiative "Returning the billions to the local budgets", run jointly by the Open Society Foundation, the “Reanimation package of reforms - Kyiv", the Institute of mass information and the NGO AMDI will take place on December 9 at 15:00 in the conference hall of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (Khreschatyk Str. 27a, 2nd floor).


The fiscal policy of the local government is extremely unprofessional. The technical default, facing the city, can be overcome by an increase in revenues and decrease in costs, increase in income from the lease, land sale and shares on construction.


During the event the experts will discuss the monitoring of public policies introduced by the Kyiv mayor during his first 100 days, and also the state of implementation of the Open Society Roadmap, provided to the city head in June 2014 available.


The roadmap for Kyiv authorities in the area of budget and anti-corruption policy was presented by the Open Society Foundation during a round table conducted on June 24, 2014.


Despite requirements of Budget Code, the authorities has not provided, up to now, the opportunity of proper participation of community representatives in the budget process and in the work of the City Council.


At the press-conference on 15 January 2014 experts on fiscal and economic policy Denis Chernikov (Laboratory for Legislative Initiatives) and Ivan Sikora (Open Society Foundation) made a presentation on estimation of costs of systemic risks in the draft 2014 Ukraine budget.


The Foundation "Open society" welcomes all!


in the Public Service were discussed during the meeting of “Political Analyst Club” after presentation made by Ivan Sikora, Director of the Open Society Foundation


ADDRESS to international organizations regarding formation of international group of observers for providing proper response to the information on the disposition on the territory of Ukraine of organized groups of mercenaries that came to Ukraine from Russian Federation, and provision of legal evaluation of the systematic violation of the right for peaceful gatherings and rights of journalists by power bodies, and indications of deliberate delay of punishment of those officials, who are guilty of events happened in the night of 30 November 2013.


The round-table “Needs and capabilities of institutional development of analytical centers” was targeted to discuss the issues of organizational development of analytical centers and their cooperation with donor organizations.


In September, the budget process in Ukraine is going out from the control of the public, media and even MPs again. The Open Society Foundation insists on resumption of budget process and return it into public and legitimate channel