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Simplifying GMOs registration in Ukraine is impossible without EU practices – lawyer’s opinion

Wednesday, 09 September 2015 695
Parliamentary expert group expert commented on draft law 1844 submitted to Parliament, which offered the mechanism for harmonization of Ukrainian law with EU legislation on GMOs.

Draft law 1844 proposed a simplified mechanism of GMOs registration in Ukraine provided they had been registered in the EU. Yet, the initiative did not take into account the systemic risks. Considering these implementation of such document is dangerous. Victoria Boyko, practicing lawyer and member of PEG, commented on mentioned draft law, which aimed to harmonize Ukrainian law with European legislation on GMOs.

European Union law provides liability for GMO production and meaningful release of GMOs into the environment, which can cause damage to human health and the environment. In particular, EU made a series of court decisions that involve financial penalties for lack of information about production of genetically modified harmful substances.

Ukrainian legislator proposed formal changes to the regulatory framework omitting these European practices. The draft law did not consider systemic risks of simplified registration of GMOs. Thus, in expert’s opinion, the initiative cannot be accepted as such that does not meet EU principles aimed at protection of health and environment.

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The Open Society Foundation (OSF) published their August report detailing the work of their OSF Team. In the report OSF informed about their achievements in the framework of Parliamentary expert group which provided analyses MPs draft laws, and connection of these to Ukraine’s obligations under the Association Agreement and other international treaties. Also OSF partners informed about organization activities at the Kyiv city level (the Open Address on the 2025 General Plan for Kyiv etc) and in the anti-corruption sphere.

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