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05.09.2015 Analysis. Anticorruption. News.
Open Society Foundation suggestions formed the basis for municipal action plan to prevent and reduce the risks of corruption in Kyiv city administration
24.08.2015 Analysis. Anticorruption. News.
Ivan Sikora, Open Society Foundation Director, has doubted the the estimated construction cost of Troyeshchina metro line, which was announced by Mayor Klitschko’s team. Construction talks on this major Kyiv infrastructure facility might be connected with the beginning of the election campaign, Sikora suggested.
15.05.2015 Analysis. Anticorruption. Articles. Ivan Sikora
Open Society Foundation Director Ivan Sikora commented on the new National Anti-Corruption Risks Program adopted by the Government on April 29, 2015 in the newspaper Dzerkalo Tyshnya.
27.04.2015 Analysis. Anticorruption. Articles.
Open Society Foundation experts’ assessments suggest the new program has the drawbacks which should be improved.
02.02.2015 Analysis. Anticorruption. Articles.
Accurate and measurable indicators of assessment for tasks and activities of the new State Anti-Corruption Program (State Program on Implementation of State Anti-Corruption Policy in Ukraine (Anti-Corruption Strategy) for 2015 - 2017) should prevent the imitation of the fight against corruption, as well as ineffective and inefficient spending of state and local budgets and international technical assistance.
12.12.2014 Analysis. Anticorruption. Articles.
The capital city authorities should stop runaround for the challenges in Kyiv. The officials should finally deliver the promised mortal attack on corruption schemes in land and city development relations, abuses in the utility provision sphere, the procurement and the budgetary process.
29.12.2013 Analysis. Anticorruption. Articles.
On 21 December 2013, Ivan Sikora, the Director of the “Open Society” Foundation made a speech addressed at fulfillment of anticorruption policy and prevention of conflict of interests on the plenary meeting of the “Political Analyst Club”, that operates within Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.