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Formation of anti-corruption policy framework in Kyiv: the first results

Saturday, 05 September 2015 689
Open Society Foundation suggestions formed the basis for municipal action plan to prevent and reduce the risks of corruption in Kyiv city administration

Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko has signed an order approving the action plan to prevent and reduce the risk of corruption in the city administration for 2015-2017. The action plan was developed with the expert support of the Kyiv Anti-Corruption Council. The vast majority of the measures in the action plan were provided by the OSF and the experts of “Reanimation package of reforms for Kyiv”.

On 29th of April 2015 OSF and “Reanimation package of reforms” provided suggestions for the list of tasks and activities of the anti-corruption program, which were taken as a basis. Previously (in November 2014) OSF pprovided Kyiv local authorities with "Conceptual approaches to development of Kyiv City target program for the corruption prevention". Unfortunately, Kyiv city government has failed to develop municipal anti-corruption program despite the support of the independent experts, including OSF.

Unfortunately, due to the insistence of some officials in the City Council and some public anti-corruption activists, the list of approved measures now lacks any mentions of the infamous Kyiv General Plan 2025, which was initiated by the former Kyiv Mayor Chernovetsky to legalize the corruption schemes in the sphere of land relations.

At the same time, the activities likely to have a positive impact on corruption prevention include free access to budget information and estimates of the budgetary funds, public reporting on the budget of Kyiv etc. Also in December 2015 Kyivites will be able to check the status of contract relations in land sphere and their compliance with town-planning documentation.

The material was prepared in the framework of "Kyiv Public Guard: Public Control over the Development and Implementation of Anti-corruption Policy in Kyiv" project, implemented by the Open Society Foundation and supported by the International Renaissance Foundation.



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