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Fall into the same trap twice. Kyiv city budget for 2016

Wednesday, 25 November 2015 201
The responsible local policy begins with compliance with procedures. Kyiv budget policy should be considered an indicator for Mayor Klitschko’s readiness for clear and unambiguous compliance with the requirements of the budget legislation and legislation on access to public information. Adopting the budget "just-in-time" and absence of the draft budget on the KCSA web-page (as of December 2) once again recalled the same old problems in the budget process.

This year the adoption of the city budget is independent from the national budgeting process.  Mayor Klitschko’s team had every opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to compliance with the procedures and the law. Unfortunately, we are where we are. Two formal open addresses of the OSF on the draft budget and the draft program of economic and social development, as well as the publication of the three key demands to Klitschko by ‘Ukrainska Pravda’ did not help.

As of December 2, 2015, the officials violate the terms of the publication of key financial document of the capital city. If the draft decision on Kyiv is accepted before December 25, as required by the current budget legislation, we still indicate the violation of the publication procedure.

One cannot exclude the risks of manipulation of consultations procedure on the draft budget. These increase given the best practices for consultations (published in by the OSF recently), as well as the last years’ experience are not taken into account.

Draft Kyiv budget with a corresponding program of socio-economic development present a good opportunity to test the sincerity and recall the promises of the "real changes" in case the latter were forgotten.

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