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The Open Society Foundation monthly report - AUGUST 2015 -

Thursday, 10 September 2015 467
The Open Society Foundation published our August report detailing the work of OSF Team

OSF Newsletter 
August 2015

Dear Partners,

Welcome to the Open Society Foundation Monthly Newsletter! It is our pleasure to present our activities during last month. 

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Open Society Foundation will contribute to formation of National Agency for Corruption Prevention (NACP) leadership. OSF President Lesya Shevchenko became a member of the civil society section of Selection Committee of NACP. The committee members were voted today on the elections conducted by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Lesya Shevchenko candidacy’s support is the evidence of the recognition of the OSF contribution by civil society institutions and investigative journalists, who participated in the elections. Read more.


The draft of the 2025 General Plan for Kyiv is unacceptable and must be rejected as being contrary to the interests of the community. Representatives of civil society and several former leaders of the capital city spoke during a press briefing in the Ukrainian crisis media center organized by the Open Society Foundation. Among the arguments for blocking the adoption of the new General Plan briefing participants noted, first of all, incorrect information about the land fund of Kyiv, and, secondly, the lack of legal basis for developing a new document, while the 2020 Plan for Kyiv remains actual.Open Address on the Draft 2025 General Plan for KyivRead more.

OSF Open Address was handed over to Kyiv City Council secretary Oleksiy Reznikov during the hearings on the Kyiv general plan. OSF Director Ivan Sikora, during his speech at the Kyiv City Council hearings, drew attention to the need for rejection of attempts to legalize land fraud and proposed specific ways out of conflict situations related to hundreds of illegal constructions in the capital city, resulting of systematic violations of the 2020 General Plan for Kyiv. Read more

OSF-coordinated "Parliamentary Expert Group on European Integration” analyzed about 120 draft laws of Verkhovna Rada to ensure their compliance with the Association Agreement and EU law in general. To report the results of the analysis, OSF launched a joint project with "Evropeyska Pravda" titled "Idei z Rady” (Ideas from Parliament). At the moment the project has published 3 articles:

"Ideas from Parliament: business inspections moratorium disrupts the implementation of the Association Agreement", focused on the draft law 2918 "On a moratorium on the inspection of entrepreneurs” and governmental initiative to ban the inspections in general.

"Ideas from Parliament: is legalization of betting offices in line with EU law?", analyzing the draft law 2268 “On betting in Ukraine" and its inconsistencies with EU legislation on the regulation of betting activity.

"Ideas from Parliament: confiscation of Yanukovych&Co property. What will Europe say?"on the controversial draft law 3035 “On exceptional regime of special property confiscation" targeting the confiscation of the former President Yanukovych and his supporters’ property of without guilt previously established by the court.

Ivan Sikora, Open Society Foundation Director, has doubted the estimated construction cost of Troyeshchina metro line, which was announced by Mayor Klitschko’s team. Construction talks on this major Kyiv infrastructure facility might be connected with the beginning of the election campaign. Ivan Sikora was interviewed live by the radio station "Golos Stolytsi"on the prospects of large-scale construction of infrastructure facilities for Kyiv, Troyeshchyna metro line. On the day before, the first deputy mayor Igor Nikonov estimated the total project cost with almost 1.3 billion US dollars. Read more.

Chasing the constitutional reform we crashed in the abyss. In blog on Novoe Vremya OSF President Lesya Shevchenko analyzed the geopolitical and domestic clashes of interests behind the changes in Ukraine’s Fundamental law. No reason for panic – Lesya concludes, these changes will not last forever. In the meanwhile politicians and civil society have to develop, creating the spirit, necessary for desired letter of the law. Read more.

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