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30.12.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
The Foundation "Open society" welcomes all!
30.12.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
in the Public Service were discussed during the meeting of “Political Analyst Club” after presentation made by Ivan Sikora, Director of the Open Society Foundation
26.12.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
05.12.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
ADDRESS to international organizations regarding formation of international group of observers for providing proper response to the information on the disposition on the territory of Ukraine of organized groups of mercenaries that came to Ukraine from Russian Federation, and provision of legal evaluation of the systematic violation of the right for peaceful gatherings and rights of journalists by power bodies, and indications of deliberate delay of punishment of those officials, who are guilty of events happened in the night of 30 November 2013.
30.11.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
Let “Reload” the Political System Peacefully!
27.11.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
Statement of Position
22.11.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
The round-table “Needs and capabilities of institutional development of analytical centers” was targeted to discuss the issues of organizational development of analytical centers and their cooperation with donor organizations.
24.09.2013 The Foundation. Our news.
In September, the budget process in Ukraine is going out from the control of the public, media and even MPs again. The Open Society Foundation insists on resumption of budget process and return it into public and legitimate channel

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