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27.02.2015 The Foundation. Our news.
The availability of government support for enterprises and organizations for people with disabilities is questionable. The experts discussed the reform of state support during the meeting of the Public Council at the Fund of Social Protection of Persons with Disabilities. The Head of the Fund and the managers of public organizations and enterprises for people with disabilities participated in the meeting. The Open Society Foundation research was presented by Ivan Sikora and Sergiy Pancyr.
23.02.2015 The Foundation. Our news.
On March 9 - 19 Ivan Sikora, OSF Director and the expert in budget and anti-corruption policy will meet the initiative groups in six oblast centers in Eastern and Southern Ukraine (Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odesa). He will discuss specific steps to maximize the opportunities to influence the local politics, provided by decentralization reform.
03.02.2015 The Foundation. Our news.
Experts of the Open Society Foundation and the Reanimation Package of Reforms Kyiv had developed a proposals and amendments to the Procedures of organization public hearings in Kyiv city level. Experts of the Open Society Foundation more than 5 years worked in sphere of analyses and advocacy changes into budget and anti-corruption policy in Kyiv city level.
27.01.2015 The Foundation. Our news.
The budget for the capital city cannot be supported without clear calculation of the taxation base and prevention of the known corruption risks
26.01.2015 The Foundation. Our news.
The Open Society Foundation will join the Ukrainian leading experts, governmental agencies, civil society organizations and business sector to form an effective plan for reducing corruption in Ukraine. OSF will participate in the national expert discussion on Ukraine's readiness for real anti-corruption reforms, which will be held on January 31, 2015 with the support of the European Union.
21.01.2015 The Foundation. Our news.
Kyiv city authorities are not ready todismantle the corrupt practices in land relations, urban planning and operation of utility services providers. Instead, the ordinary residents of Kyiv and the national government are foreseen as main budget income sources. This strategy appears to be a substitute of Klitschko’s promised ‘devastating attack on corruption’.
19.12.2014 The Foundation. Our news.
New governmental program will leads to disappointment due the lack of measurable indicators of reforms’ results. On December 19th the results of the analysis of political parties’promises, the coalition agreement and the government programwere presented at a press conference in the "Interfax-Ukraine".
05.12.2014 The Foundation. Our news.
Public anti-corruption initiative to combat billions-worth fraud in land, property and budget spheres. The press conference dedicated to the International Anti-Corruption Day and the presentation of the public anti-corruption initiative "Returning the billions to the local budgets", run jointly by the Open Society Foundation, the “Reanimation package of reforms - Kyiv", the Institute of mass information and the NGO AMDI will take place on December 9 at 15:00 in the conference hall of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine (Khreschatyk Str. 27a, 2nd floor).
10.11.2014 The Foundation. Our news.
The fiscal policy of the local government is extremely unprofessional. The technical default, facing the city, can be overcome by an increase in revenues and decrease in costs, increase in income from the lease, land sale and shares on construction.
26.09.2014 The Foundation. Our news.
During the event the experts will discuss the monitoring of public policies introduced by the Kyiv mayor during his first 100 days, and also the state of implementation of the Open Society Roadmap, provided to the city head in June 2014 available.
24.06.2014 The Foundation. Our news.
The roadmap for Kyiv authorities in the area of budget and anti-corruption policy was presented by the Open Society Foundation during a round table conducted on June 24, 2014.
20.06.2014 The Foundation. Our news.
Despite requirements of Budget Code, the authorities has not provided, up to now, the opportunity of proper participation of community representatives in the budget process and in the work of the City Council.
15.01.2014 The Foundation. Our news.
At the press-conference on 15 January 2014 experts on fiscal and economic policy Denis Chernikov (Laboratory for Legislative Initiatives) and Ivan Sikora (Open Society Foundation) made a presentation on estimation of costs of systemic risks in the draft 2014 Ukraine budget.

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